Welcome Nannies

Welcome Nannies


Why us?

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As a nanny you are entrusted with the happiness and wellbeing of someone else's child and we believe that is a seriously important job!  

At Modern Nannies we believe you should get the recognition you deserve and we look to work with families who think the same.


Getting it right


You tell us what your requirements are and we will only match you to a family that fits. We will not send you out to hundreds of families in the hope one works but will aim to get it right first time.

At Modern Nannies we want to build a business that works not only for the families but also for you.


Meeting your expectations

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Contact us and we will be in touch ASAP. We will keep you informed of the jobs we have available and always call you back regardless, so you know where you stand. We will listen to you and answer any questions you have about positions, if we don't know the answer we will be honest, but will endeavour to find out!


University students

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Many of our families are looking for nannies who can fit around the school day of their children. Not just in terms of the hours of work but, equally importantly, in an ability to both support the child in their learning and provide a source of inspiration.

As with all our nannies we only work with families who truly value the unique skills that current university students can bring to childcare. We will ensure that you are treated accordingly.


Our expectations

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Whether you are an experienced nanny, or coming from a different career, we are happy to hear from you. We expect our nannies to be professional at all times. You will be representing us and our agency.

In turn we will advocate on your behalf, Modern nannies expects all our families to provide our nannies with a contract, job description, tax and pension service (where applicable).


Our requirements

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As a nanny representing us, we will require you have an up to date CV, an enhanced DBS certificate carried out with in the last year or on the update service, A paediatric first aid certificate and two checkable references, along with a valid form of ID. If you need any clarification or help with these we will be happy to do so.


Enquire now

Interested in becoming a nanny? Please fill out the contact form in as much detail as possible and a member of our team will call you back.