CV Service for Nannying


Applying for roles with Families and don't hear back?  You have the experience and think you are the perfect fit for the role, but you hear nothing. Families often, first and the only introduction to you is your CV and as a nanny agency we have noticed that candidates may have a wealth of knowledge and experience but if it is not on your CV in the right way then often you don't get shortlisted for interview. Other problems can put off families such as spelling mistakes, layouts, and grammatical errors, particularly if English is not your first language. We have read thousands of CVs related to nannying and we know what families are looking for. We have set up our CV help service to help you keep your CV personal to you, but to ensure the right information is represented. We believe every CV should reflect the candidate and what they have to offer roles, so we won't use a template but build on what you have.